2016-2017 NFL Playoff Predictions

The quest to the Super Bowl is drawing nearer. Only 12 teams remain to achieve the ultimate prize in football. But who will prevail and who will fall?

The defending champions, the Denver Broncos, failed to clinch a playoff spot, and the Raiders lost Derek Carr to an injury crushing their chances of winning a Super Bowl, so it may seem that the AFC is wide open. But, the Patriots look to be in control of the winning the Conference Championship with a league’s best 14-2 record. However, a dark horse on this side of the bracket will be the Steelers, who will beat the Chiefs en route to the Conference Championship against the Patriots. Unfortunately for Pittsburgh, the Patriots with the least points allowed in the NFL and having one of the highest point totals, will be too much the Steelers can handle, resulting in the Patriots going to the Super Bowl for the seventh time in the Tom Brady era.

The much more interesting games will be in the NFC with all six teams having a solid shot at booking a trip to the Super Bowl. The Dallas Cowboys led by Dak Prescott (maybe Tony Romo???) and Ezekiel Elliott seemed to be the best team in the NFL, but after cooling off they ended up going 2-2 in their last four games. While the Giants did beat Dallas in both of their meetings, I think that they will lose to the Packers, who will defeat the Seahawks in the NFC Conference Championship game.

In the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots will face off with the Green Bay Packers. In this matchup with arguably the two best quarterbacks in the NFL (Brady and Rodgers), it will be a test of toughness and nerves. Because of this, I am going to follow the quote by Bear Bryant saying, “defense wins championships” by picking the Patriots to prevail on top of the NFL earning the 32nd pick in the 2017 draft.

Below is my playoff bracket predictions.



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