The Greatest NBA Team Of All Time… 2017 Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors nearly swept the entire NBA Playoffs this year. Their only loss came against the Cavaliers in Game 4 of the finals. Kevin Durant (the MVP of the NBA Finals) played some of the best basketball of his life vs. the Cavs. By averaging over 35 points with 8 rebounds and 5 assists on top of 2 blocks and a steal per game, KD put himself in the picture for who the best player in the world is. Now, I don’t think he is the best player right now, but with Curry, Thompson, and Green surrounding KD, the Golden State Warriors are sure to be the best team of all time.

Despite, not having as prolific of a season as they did last year, the Warriors made up for their lackluster performance by performing in a stellar fashion in the playoffs. But, keep in mind that when I say Golden State had a “lackluster” season, this is in comparison to their recording breaking 73-9 record the year before.

The Warriors averaged almost 120 points per game which is more than ten points more than any other team (except for the Cavs who averaged about 116 ppg). They had the most assists of any team and were 11th in least points allowed. These statistics should speak for themselves, as there is not much else to add to them.

The Golden State Warriors could beat any team you put them against. When one player is not playing great basketball, another will step up and lead the team to victory. In my opinion, the 2017 Golden State Warriors after their dominating playoff performance have earned the #1 spot in NBA history.


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